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What makes our workshops different to those from other trainers?

We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

Paul & Julie

Use these points to help persuade your school to release you to attend a course:

  • Although we run some courses for bigger groups we specialise in courses for low numbers as we believe that delegates learn the most, and getthemost personalised experience, when numbers are small.This allows for better discussion and encourages delegates to be more open and share ideas. It also allows us to give each delegate individualattention and the ability to respond to the school contexttheyare in. Smaller numbers also makes the atmosphere lessdauntingfor those who are alittlenervous about attending a course.Courses outlines usually state the maximum number of delegates.
  • We try to avoid cancelling courses and will even run many courses just for one or two delegates (this isdependenton the venue).
  • We're a small independent companywhich means we are able to be more flexible in terms of types of courses, content, venues and dates.
  • We pride ourselvesin thequalityof our workshops and a lot of time and thought goes into planningeachone to ensure they meet the individual needs of each delegate. We constantly evaluate courses, responding to delegate feedback, to ensure each course is the best it could possibly be.
  • We use a range of high quality venues with good transport links that allow delegates to get the most out of their day
  • Many courses include both Julie & Paul Boyd delivering the course for no additional cost. This means delegates get the benefit of a wide range of experiences we have had ineducationand industry in both D&T and leadership related areas.
  • Our courses focus on real solutions for real classrooms. As experienced teachers we know teachers are looking for ways to maximise learningwhilst also reducing their workload. We provide ideas and resources that do this and a big feature of all courses is that delegates will be able to go back into school and use ideas, strategies and resources within a few days of being on thecoursewith little or no work.
  • As well as the resources usedin thesession delegates take an extensive resource pack aimed at supportingthecontent of thecourse back in theclassroom. These resource packs are generally ones that are sold separately and these are included inthecoursefor free.
  • Most courses are designed to have content that can be usedimmediately back inthe classroom with little or no adaptation.
  • Most courses have contentrelevant to other areas of D&T and many have content relevant for use at whole school level.
  • A focus on outstanding teaching andlearning is included in most courses. This area has beenidentified in research as one ofthe key factors in raising achievement and isacknowledged as an effective use of Pupil Premium funding.
  • Most courses include a range of hands on activities to help demonstrate the key points on the course.
  • Courses can bedesigned to meet an individualdelegate’s needs and this course can then be added to the calendar for everyone else to attend. There is noadditional cost for this even though the delegate who requested the course has had it personalised to their needs.
  • We are always happy to add in newcourse dates if delegates can’tmake the oneson the calendar. This is at no extra cost to thedelegate.
  • Courses can also bedelivered in house
  • Delegates go awayfrom thecourse with a coaching action plan form whichthey can use to help them embed change across the next year. Delegates might also find the form useful to use as part of performance review/appraisal.
  • Follow up support is available aftercourses. Delegates are welcome to keep in touch aftercourses and we arealways keen to know howcourseideas have been applied back in school.There is also a free newsletter as well as various social media forums where new ideas and resources are shared.
  • Why not build attending acourse in to your performance reviewconversation?Remember we can design a course based on yourindividual needs at no extra cost andthen add ittothe course calendar so others can also attend.

We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

Just to say a huge thank you for a great day today. You always provide fantastic resources, but what I think makes your courses so unique is the practical application you provide, even down to ideas for teaching in the class room!!! As a teacher with not enough hours in the day this is exactly what is so valuable. You give us the foundation and provide scope to develop the ideas.

A super day. Well worth the money. The Boyd’s never disappoint!

Both Paul and Julie are in touch with what is really going on out there in our subject.

Providing evidence for the benefits of attending CPD

Take a look at these tips from The National STEM Learning Centre on submitting proposals to SLT for CPD you want to attend.

Use the DfE Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development document to evidence the impact CPD has on student outcomes.

Use this Teacher Development Trust review to evidence the importance of CPD on raising student outcomes

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Dates not convenient for you?

It is sometimes possible to add in additional dates and venues for workshops so contact me if a date doesn’t suit you.

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Bespoke workshops can also be delivered either at your school or at an external venue.Emailjulie@julieboyd.co.ukfor more details.

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