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Textiles courses at the university are situated in a number of different buildings across the campus. The Benzie building is particularly Impressive with a really creative feel from the moment you walk in. The textiles industrial heritage of the area is celebrated and on show and one of the first things you see by reception and the cafe is a window that looks straight into one of the fashion studios. 

The Benzie building is characterised by lots of very large open plan spaces that are deliberately designed with the aim that students from different courses will mix therefore encouraging a multi media approach e.g. graphic artists sharing ideas with textiles designers. The building had a nice vibe to it and although the open plan layout made it look messy in places it was a very busy, creative working environment. 


By contrast other buildings where textiles courses take place are less overwhelming and smaller but no less impressive. 

Across all buildings and courses there was a lot of access to a wide range of equipment including industrial machines, digital printing, embroidery machines etc.

3D printer body scanner copy

Students are expected to be very self directed and self motivated so developing these types of skills in school is important. A particular emphasis was placed on a focus on open ended starting points & experimentation. 


Textiles courses at the uni regularly win awards including the main award in 2015 at Graduate Fashion Week and because of this most courses are heavily oversubscribed.

The university offers a wide range of textiles courses including ones on fashion, interior design, buying and merchandising, sportswear, textiles in practice (which includes print/weave/knit/embroidery), fashion futures (focused on future technology and innovation), textiles science and technology, fashion and business management, fashion design and technology, and fashion promotion. For up to date information on courses that are offered visit http://www2.mmu.ac.uk

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