Heat Transfer Paints

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Heat Transfer Paints by Colourist


Colourist Heat Transfer Paints allow you to create multi-coloured designs without specialist equipment. Using just a domestic iron you can print onto a range of materials and products including fabric, bags, T shirts, coasters, placemats, bunting, tiles, jigsaws, Christmas decorations and many other items. You can use different painting techniques such as stamping, cut-outs and stencilling. The range includes 35 colours plus thickener and extender.

To achieve the most vibrant, colourfast effects, Colourist Heat Transfer Paints should be printed onto 100% synthetic surfaces. Use polyester or acrylic for the best results. Mixed fibres can be used - the higher the synthetic content, the stronger the printed colours will be.

Visit the website to buy the paints and to find out more about them.

Watch the video below to see how easy the heat transfer paints are to use.

Visit the website to buy the paints and to find out more about them.

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