Ghost in the Shell movie costume

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Stair-Rover Skateboard


Let’s Learn:

This video shows materials science & costume making all rolled into one to create the suit worn by Scarlett Johansson in the film Ghost in the Shell. Look out for points on:

  • Why silicone is used for the costume
  • How 3D body scanning has been used to create a 3D outfit with only one seam and no fastenings
  • How magnets are used to hold parts of the costume together


  • Investigate silicone e.g. what are it’s sources, properties, and uses? Try this link to get you started. 
  • Look around your home and school, what products can you find made of silicone?
  • Find out silicone is made by watching this video (note this is a complicated video and may be more suitable for A level students). Create a flow chart to simplify the explanation of the production of silicone.

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