Adaptive Fashion

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Tommy Hilfiger’s Adaptive Clothing 

Openstyle Lab

Openstyle Lab are a non profit making organisation based in New York who are working with students from the Parsons School of Design in Manhatten, along with occupational therapists and engineers, to design bespoke clothing for people with disabilities that are fashionable as well as functional. They use a wide range of tech to do this, including 3D printing and electronics and e-textiles, along with all the traditional textiles techniques and kit. This is a great example of tackling real world design problems and of universal design. 

SUITable is an adaptive sports coat designed by Openstyle Lab that is designed to be adjustable for continuous thermal comfort for a client who can’t regulate his own body temperature and who is restricted in his movements and who wanted smart business wear. The coat features front flaps that are easily opened and closed for increased ventilation, and magnetic closures with hidden pockets for maximum adjustability by individuals with limited dexterity. 

Visit the Openstyle Lab website

Runway of Dreams

Runway of Dreams is an American nonprofit organisation that focuses on clothing as a basic human need and which aims for inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities. In particular it focuses on how garments can be fashionable as well as being functional to meet individual user needs. 

In particular they have identified specific issues relating to designing garments for disability: types of closures and fastenings so the garments can be put on and off easily, having the ability to adjust a garment, for example, to change the fit, as well as alternate ways of getting in and out of the garment to make dressing easier. 

Visit the Runway of Dreams website


Look at Marks and Spencers range of specialist bodysuits and sleep wear for children up to 16 with special needs

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