Matthew Hubble


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Matthew Hubble is a fashion designer who used to be a civil engineer, including working on the Olympic park site, High Speed One and Crossrail.

His designs use inspiration from science and engineering to create original designs and they are often designed specially for leading scientists and engineers, including Nobel prize winner May-Britt Moser, who won the award for her discoveries of grid cells.

Hubble says that his work as a civil engineer gives him an advantage as a fashion designer: ‘I have learnt how to imagine processes and experiment with techniques, but most importantly I have learnt how to solve problems creatively, allowing my original designs to be created with only minimal restrictions’.

His process is very experimental and iterative and he gives the example of a design using metallic leather and silk satin in a grid pattern where the design was so complex in some sections that without good design thinking it would end up 18 layers thick in some areas. He says ‘a fun day and late evening of trials using card, tape, fabric and glue solved the issue!’.

Hubble is keen to promote the use of maths, science and engineering in fashion both as inspiration but also within the making process and gives the example of some leather strips that he wanted to overlap and concertina together, commenting, ‘No problem! Pi r2 for estimating the semi-circle, plus the thickness of the leather, a bit of Pythagoras (plus half a millimetre for movement) and everything is beautiful’.

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