Mowgs Baskets (Polypropylene)

LL Mowgs plastic tape bag IMG 4082

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Baskets made out of woven polypropylene tape

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Mowgs are a UK based company who distribute bags made by artisan weavers made out of polypropylene packing tape. The weavers use traditional rattan weaving techniques to upcycle the packing tape waste found locally and each bag is different and unique. 

Hear more about how Mowgs bags got started in the video below (the first half of the video is the most relevant bit). 


  • Find out more about Mowgs bags (You can see photos of the bags being made here).
  • Find out more about polypropylene packing tape. Some of the processes referred to in the weblink can also be seen in the video below. Use the information from the website to write a more detailed script for the video to help others understand the process of making the tape.
  • Collect packing tape and experiment with weaving it. What other products might be made using this material other than bags?
  • Polypropylene is thermoforming and can be reshaped with heat. Try dipping the tape into boiling water and reshaping it whilst it is warm. Alternatively create a spiral shape by wrapping it around a stick and then pour boiling water onto it and then cool it in cold water. (Risk Assessment required by the teacher).

Practical activities and ideas are provided as a starting point only. Students should use these as inspiration as part of an iterative design process developing the idea further themselves. Credit should be given to the original source where appropriate.

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