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The history of wool

Processing wool fibres 

  • The processing of wool fibres. Keywords include worsted, woollen, scouring, lanolin, carding, roving, sliver, combing, drawing, spinning, knitting, weaving


  • Use notes and diagrams to explain the processing of wool fibres from scouring to spinning
  • Compare the properties of worsted and woollen fibres and fabrics
  • Research products made out of woollen and worsted fabrics to identify the most common uses for each type of fibre
  • Use this activity to test your learning. Click on the image to download the handout.

Other Links

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Performance wool used by the army 

Hainsworth, a UK wool manufacturer

Johnstone, a Scottish wool manufacturer

Is it as cruel as fur to use wool fibres?

How environmentally friendly is cashmere?

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