Cardboard Stool

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Concertina recycled cardboard stool

  • Interesting use of recycled cardboard to create a stool which folds flat for storage and concertinas out to sit on with a honeycomb structure to give it strength. Find out more about Paper Lounge who design and make foldable furniture made from paper and board.
cardboard stool 2

  • The EcoHelmet is a folding bike helmet made out of honeycomb cardboard which just a Dyson Award in America. Find out more about the helmet in this video including seeing it being tested for strength.    

  • Packaging for an Ikea table that has a stool printed on the surface you can make from the cardboard. 


  • What gives the stool and helmet their strength?
  • What are the advantages of the cardboard stool and helmet over the same products made out of traditional materials?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cardboard to design with?
  • What would you design using this material?
  • Use this activity to test your learning. Click on the image to download the handout.
cardboard stool 3

Other links

Find out more about the EcoHelmet and the designer that designed it

Look at the work of Central St. Martins Product Design student Luisa Kahlfeldt who has used recycled cardboard rolls to create stools with shaved sides to reveal the corrugated layers. 

Look at how recycled paper has been turned into furniture, lighting and wall tiles by Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell from Dear Human.

Flat pack corrugated card extendable bed

Paper bricks made into furniture by designer Woojai

Find out about cardboard furniture Chairigami

Visit Guan Xiang’s website

See other resources on paper in the Mixed Materials Approach to D&T section

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