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#ThinkDoMAKE: Making your own sweet wrapper fabric 

sweet wrapper bag

This bag by a student from The Nottingham Emanuel School (teacher Sian Jones) uses a range of textiles and non textiles materials. The bag uses the thermoforming properties of plastic to melt sweet wrappers together to create a fabric.

The bag also uses a socket barrel nut, which is normally used for joining manufactured boards together, as a way of attaching the straps to the bag. In addition the bag has a zip pull made out of paper clips. The bag also has some traditional textiles materials and components  as it is lined with fabric and has a zip fastening.


  • How might these ideas inspire your own work? Don’t forget to credit where your original idea came from in your work. 

Other Links

  • Take a look at the material experiments by Katalin Huszar and the ‘NotJustUseless’ project that aims to transform waste materials, including plastic rubbish and straws into usable materials. 
  • Look at the work of Jessica Grady, an embroidery artist who uses a range of recycled materials and components in her work.

Practical activities and ideas are provided as a starting point only. Students should use these as inspiration as part of an iterative design process developing the idea further themselves. Credit should be given to the original source where appropriate.

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