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Wood Veneer

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Timberlite is the name of the patented, chemical free technique used by Lzf, a Spanish lighting company, to reduce the stiffness of wood and turn it into a thin, translucent sheet that will bend without breaking. 

Tete de Bois wooden hats

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Tete de Bois create adjustable hats made of wood veneer strips inspired by sun shading structures made from wooden slats. The hats are the work of architect and designer Andrea Deppieri and they come in a variety of different hat styles. Visit the Tete de Bois website. 


  • Take a look at the lighting designs produced by Lzf using wood veneer 
  • Decoflex is the brand name of a wood veneer with a paper backing that is flexible and which can be bent and shaped in a similar way to the veneer Lzf uses. It can also be stitched and used to replace some textiles materials. Kitronik are an example of an educational supplier who sell small amounts of Decoflex for use in schools. See ideas on how Decoflex can be used in textiles
flexible wood veneer
  • Take a look at the work of Jane Blease who uses Decoflex to create lampshades decorated with stitches. 

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