Threading a Sewing Machine

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#InspiredBy Tamsin Mitchell at Lady Margaret School, London

This display on how to thread the sewing machine is one of the displays at Lady Margaret School in London (teacher Tamsin Mitchell). It is very big, meaning it can be seen by students anywhere in the room which encourages independent learning. The display has a 3D effect with the use of yarn to represent thread on top of the images. 

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Other Links

Rex Pulker says the design of  a sewing machine favours left handed people even though the origins of the design focused on right handers. Find out more about his thoughts and how he has designed a right handed sewing machine. 

Do you agree with a sewing machine favours left handers? What do you think of his right handed sewing machine? 

Sewing machine ‘how to’ tutorials

The Sewing Master website has loads of how to videos for Bernina, Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff sewing machines & overlockers. They go right from opening the box to threading, using each of the stitches and other functions of the machine. They cover loads of different models from each brand (although unfortunately not the very old Bernina machines that many schools still have because they are the real work horses of the brand). 

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