#ThinkDoMAKE: Textiles Postcards

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#ThinkDoMAKE: Textiles Postcard

The theme for my 2014 competition was a textiles postcard and there were some fabulous entries. See some of the entries here. 

Textiles postcards

Find out more about making a textiles postcard in the video below. 

As well as being a great mini project in it’s own right why not use these ideas below:

  • Use any samples you produce to practice and develop your skills and make them into fabric postcards. Any experimental work you do to develop an idea can also be used in this way rather than throwing it away.
  • Make postcards as part of your revision, a bit like a cue card e.g. a sample of a technique on the front of the card and notes or relevant exam questions written on the back. 
  • Still on the revision theme design the front of the postcard to represent some key revision points e.g. images of keywords stitched onto the front with written notes on the back. Think outside the box about how you might decorate the front e.g. a design inspired by a designer you have to know about for the exam, stitching down printed images onto fabric, using free machine embroidery to draw and write with. 
  • Revise scales of production by making a one off postcard for someone special, as well as working as a team to batch produce a number of cards.
  • Send a revision postcard to a friend. 

Practical activities and ideas are provided as a starting point only. Students should use these as inspiration as part of an iterative design process developing the idea further themselves. Credit should be given to the original source where appropriate.

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