Textiles Techniques: Instructions & Tutorials

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This page gives tips on how to produce some of the key techniques that might be needed when producing high quality products in textiles. Bear in mind that there are several different methods for many of the techniques listed and these resources suggest one tried and tested method. 

Instructions for a Range of Textiles Key Practical Skills

Some of these resources were produced by me as part of the GCSE Textiles Rescue programme led by the Design and Technology AssociationAll resources can be downloaded for free. Click on the images below to see the full range of resources. 

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Levels of Progression for Textiles Key Skills

This worksheet suggests levels of progression for different textiles practical skills. It is based on my 30 years experience in the classroom rather than being linked to any exam board specification. It aims to suggest which techniques might be seen as more challenging. Not everyone will agree with where I have placed all techniques, and there may be some missing, so you might want to adapt the worksheet but it should provide a starting point for teachers and students to levels of challenge in the work they design and make. 

Some techniques might be broken down further e.g. inserting a zip is a challenging technique but generally inserting a centred zip is considered easier than a lapped zip. 

Students can use the sheet to assess products to identify levels of challenge. This could be on a product analysis on a shop bought product or as a self or peer assessment exercise on Controlled Assessment / Coursework. They can also use the levels when designing to help them decide what techniques to include to help them achieve their target grade. 

Teachers can use the sheet to help them review and mark work, especially when reviewing and marking level of challenge. 

Download the worksheet

Maximising the Performance of Your Sewing Machine

Get tips on how to look after your sewing machine in order to maximise its performance

Take a look at this short animation on how a sewing machine forms its stitches

Other Resources on Textiles Key Practical Skills

See a classroom resource I sell on Textiles Techniques.  This resource is ideal as an independent learning resource and is useful if you don’t have time to produce the samples yourself. 

See courses I run to help you top up your practical skills. These courses are very practical based and are particularly good for anyone who lacks confidence in their own level of skill. If there is no course on the calendar email me at julie@julieboyd.co.uk to find out when the next one will be. 

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