Choosing Fasteners for Wood & Metal


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Choosing fasteners for wood & metal 

Let’s Learn:

  • A free ‘Learn-It’ resource on fasteners that can be downloaded from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Includes: preparing wood and metal for a fastener, numbers on machine screws, using washers, bolts & screws

Click here to visit the website to download the resource. This resource is the copyright of D-Lab Learn-It: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The link takes you to the MIT page where you can download this & other resources. Note the resources have a Creative Commons License & certain conditions apply to you using them. 


  • Teachers: This resource is designed to be hung on a workshop wall as an independent learning tool to help students make decisions when prototyping
  • Students: Why not print this off and use it as a revision poster in your room?

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