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The Crumble micro controller

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The Crumble is a programmable micro controller board available from Mindsets that is designed as an easy solution for anyone wanting to develop their programming skills. It is particularly useful for anyone who has limited or no knowledge of electronics. 

An introduction to Crumble

This video introduces the Crumble and shows how to programme it to create a flashing LED. A worksheet on this can also be download below to use in your classroom.

L Crumble Basic flashing LED

Download this worksheet which shows you how to programme the Crumble to create a flashing LED. 

This worksheet is part of a series of worksheets by Paul Boyd on how to programme the Crumble micro controller. The other worksheets in the series are available on the Crumble courses Paul runs. Email Paul to find out about these courses, including potential bursary funded courses which include Crumble kits for your school to keep. 

Win Crumble starter kits & training for your school

Enter our Product in a Tin competition for the chance to win a class set of Crumble starter kits plus a half day Crumble training session (plus a sewing machine and separate prizes for the winning student!). The competition is open to students from years 5 to 11. Find out more and download free resources


  • Download these #ThinkDo cards (click on the image to see it in more detail). 
    Teachers: Why not use this as a lesson starter? 
    Students: After you have done the activities on the card print it out as a revision card and use it to make revision notes on.
L Microcontroller Crumble

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