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Zeeq Smart Pillow

  • The Zeeq smart pillow has speakers, motion sensors and an alarm clock integrated into the pillow.
  • An app on your phone uses data from the pillow to monitor your sleep and any snoring. If it senses snoring it reacts by vibrating to get you turn over. It also maps your sleep patterns so it can wake you in the ideal moment in your sleep cycle so you don’t feel groggy.
  • It is made of Tencel, which is an eco friendly fire that is naturally anti bacterial.


  • Explain why is this called a ‘smart’ pillow?
  • Investigate Tencel. What are its properties? Why is it considered eco friendly?
  • The pillow uses e-textiles technology. How would you summarise what this means to an alien who has just landed on our planet?
  • How could you use this idea to inspire your next project?
  • Visit the Zeeq website

Textales quilt cover

An augmented reality duvet cover that combines textiles, story telling and augmented reality. Visit the website

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