Trucker Jacket by Levi & Project Jacquard

L denim jacket

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The Trucker Jacket by Levi & Project Jacquard 

Let’s Learn

  • The Trucker Jacket designed by Levi using Google’s Project Jacquard fabric is a good example of how the definition of what makes a fashion garment and designer is changing. 
  • The jacket is made out of denim that has conductive yarn woven into it along with small electronic components that aren’t noticeable.
  •  The only thing that tells you the jacket is different is a slight difference in the appearance in the weave and a small black strap on the cuff similar in style to the cuff strap on a trench coat. 
  • The jacket has been designed to meet the needs of urban cyclists so they can tap, swipe or hold the left cuff to do a variety of tasks such as hearing sat nav instructions, changing music, or answering calls. It can be used in the same way as ordinary denim including being able to be washed. 
  • The Head of Technical Innovation says ‘the world is changing…….Project Jacquard presents an opportunity to for a brand, a design, to open a door to the future’. Even Saville Row tailors, known for their love of tradition are saying this technology is exciting and a blank canvas for creativity. 
  • The aim is for the jacket to be the first collaboration with longer term aim being working towards computers in our clothes. 


  • Watch the video below to find out how the jacket is made
  • What are the needs of an urban cyclist?
  • The jacket is described as ‘interactive’ - what does this mean?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an interactive jacket?
  • What predictions do you make about what future fashion will look like?
  • How could you use this idea to inspire your next project?

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