Smart Clothing of the Future 

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Self healing wearable electronics

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  • Electronics that can be sewn to your skin and organs to track your health e.g. tracking the healing progress of a wound. The technology uses a transistor made of linen thread dipped into a vat of gel coating it with thin layers of carbon nanotubes to make it conductive and able to connect a range of sensors. 
  • This article on the role of textiles in robot design includes applications such as exoskeletons, the Robo-Glove used for working in space (with sensors in the fingertips that allow the fingers to be set rigid to grip tools or equipment and provide muscle support, then pressed again to release the item), the TRAuma Care in a Rucksack (sensors embedded into a robotic suit with AI algorithms directing critical care and treatments, e.g. intravenous fluids and medication), pop up muscles capable of lifting up to on thousand times its own weight and electronic skin that can recognise stimulus on its surface. 

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