What are #ThinkDo Activities?

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Where can I find #ThinkDo activities?

  • Two new #ThinkDo cards are given away on our D&T blog and Facebook page each week. 
  • There are also some collections of cards that have been made into PowerPoints and these can be downloaded for free from the ‘Pay What You Want’ section of the shop
  • The Let’s Learn section of the website also have lots of free to download #ThinkDo activity cards
  • As well as the #ThinkDo cards there are a limited number of quick #ThinkDo activities which can be found here on the website.

What are #ThinkDo activities?

#ThinkDo activities consist of a photo and thinking points. They are presented in a square format, usually as a jpeg but some are collected together to create a PowerPoint. They can be used as: 

  • Revision cue cards
  • A starter, plenary or main lesson activity
  • As a homework
  • Extension or independent learning activities
  • Cards can be used individually or as part of a set of cards focused on an area of learning. 

How TechDoodles support teaching and learning 

  • #ThinkDo activities are based on learning related to the KS3, 4 and 5 curriculum.
  • The cards are part of our approach to teaching and learning and in particular our focus on metacognition and approaches such as spaced and deliberate practice. The cards compliment other resources we produce such as our TechDoodle resources. The best way to find out more on how to use the cards, along with our approach to teaching and learning, is to attend one of our courses

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See how Philip Morant School and College in Colchester have used my #ThinkDo and TechDoodle activities as part of stretch and challenge learning wall

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