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For regular updates linked to teaching and learning and D&T. My Facebook also has new free resources & ideas most days as well as limited offer giveaway resources. ‘Like’ the page to receive notifications of new resources. Targeted more at teachers than students. 

Daily updates on Twitter on teaching & learning & D&T. Targeted more at teachers than students.

Regular D&T #ThinkDo activities on Instagram are aim to drip feed D&T on a daily basis encouraging students to think about D&T all of the time. Targeted at students. 

Pinterest boards save useful links and images for a wide range of focus areas in D&T. Teachers and students can use the boards for inspiration and for revision.  

My You Tube channel has videos I have created myself to support teachers and students. I also have playlists where I save You Tube clips that D&T teachers and students might find useful.

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