Maximising the Performance on Your Sewing Machine


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Maximising the Performance of Your Sewing Machine

Tips on how ensure your sewing machine stays in tip top condition and always performs at its best

Thread tension

Always lift the presser foot when you thread the needle as this makes the thread sit correctly between the tension dials and makes it less likely you will get a bird’s nest of clogged thread at the beginning of your sewing

Skipped stitches

Have you ever spent ages changing needles, threads and the tension trying to work out why a machine is skipping stitches? Did you know that if the metal surface of the hook where the bobbin sits inside your sewing machine is even slightly scratched it can prevent stitches forming correctly?

L Damage to hook

Why not send you school technician on a course to learn how to service and maintain your sewing machines? Find out more from Neil at Coles Sewing Centre by watching the video below. 

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