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Teaching & Learning Resources

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Newsletter for D&T teachers

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See the different blogs I write - one for D&T teachers, one about my work as a designer maker, and one about coaching. The blog for D&T teachers includes free D&T related images to download.

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3D printing - tutorial videos on how to use 123D Design

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5 Minute Revision & #ThinkDo resources (includes an area for D&T revision generally as well as a textiles specific area)

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Resources for Textiles teachers

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E-textiles resources

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Resources on textiles key practical skills 

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Click here to visit my website with extensive resources and tips for textiles students in years 7 to 13. This will open a new window in a separate website. 


Sewing World articles

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Coaching Resources

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A wide range of Pinterest boards on D&T and Textiles (textileshotline)

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