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What are #ThinkDo Activities?

#ThinkDo activities are posted throughout the year and can be used in a variety of different ways e.g. starters, plenaries, discussion, homework, extension tasks. They are also particularly useful as ‘5 minute revision’ activities at any time of the year.

#ThinkDo activities consist of a photo and a thinking point. Some have lots of thinking points and others just one. Most link in some way to exam questions. Some #ThinkDos have just one photo whereas others are a collection of photos along with related thinking points. These activities can be found on TwitterFacebook, & Instagram  as well as on my website and one is included in my newsletter/blog each week.

Teachers can download the #ThinkDo images to use in their classroom resources. Note that any resources that use the images can’t be sold or shared with anyone outside of the department the teacher works in.

Find out more about #ThinkDo activities & to get ideas on how to use them 

See lots of free #ThinkDo activities

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