Happiness is a difficult concept to pin down, meaning different things to different people. The Action for Happiness website defines happiness within the context of our lives as a whole, rather than in terms of individual moments. This therefore includes the ups and downs of the daily human experience, along with how we deal with them, in order to have an overall sense of satisfaction with life.

The website identifies 10 ‘keys’ to a happier life and these can be seen in the image on the right. This image can be downloaded as a poster here. There are also a range of other free to download posters for some of the individual areas. In addition there are also resources for schools on developing these skills in young people. 

The website has ideas on how each key skill can be focused on whether it be as an individual, in a work or school environment, with family and friends, as part of a local community, or on a broader national and international scale. 

The website also has a range of calendars each month with actions for each day that might contribute to both personal and community happiness and these might be useful for tutor time. Search on the website for ‘calendar’ to see the latest one. 


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