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Global Standards for Digital Literacy, Digital Skills and Digital Readiness

The DQ Institute is an international think-tank, that has pulled together guidance frameworks on digital literacy from around the world all into one framework called Digital Intelligence (DQ). The DQ framework is also built on the OECD’s Education 2030 Learning Framework which is a guide for nations on developing education policies. 


The aim of the framework is to provide a global shared understanding of what digital literacy is in order to create a more sustainable use of digital technologies. The DQ framework outlines eight areas considered key for a digital life in today’s world. They include both the technical skills for using ICT as well as issues related to digital safety, digital rights and digital emotional intelligence. This framework can also be used to calculate an individual’s digital score to help them identify personal risks as well as skills.

The framework is particularly aimed the 8-12 age bracket but is relevant to older age groups, including adults (although it does mean some of the videos and resources have quite a young feel to them).

The website has a variety of useful documents giving information on digital literacy, as well as resources for teachers and parents to help support students with their digital awareness and skills. 

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As well as considering the issue of digital literacy it may also be useful to consider the sustainability issues around our phones and other devices, and the wider impact our digital habits have.

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