Revision Strategies 

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The Learning Scientists website


The Learning Scientists has some great research based resources for revision that are great for lesson and tutor time. The website identifies 6 key strategies and provides resources that help students develop appropriate skills. Resources include videos, stickers, and bookmarks on the 6 strategies as well as a range of other resources. 

The Leitner System

Sebastian Leitner was an Austrian born in 1919 who devised the Leitner System of learning which is based on spaced repetition. The app called Cram uses this idea to create online flash cards. 

Use this free to download poster that can help students use any revision flashcards they make in an active way that self assesses their progress, rather than them just rereading things.

Other revision techniques


Take a look at this blog for other ideas on revision strategies

Websites & Apps

The following are websites and apps that can be used to create flashcards and games for revision. Many allow students to create their own cards as well as looking at those produced by others.





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