Useful Videos: 'What is D&T?'

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Useful Videos: ‘What is D&T?

What is D&T and why do we need it?

Below are 3 short videos by the D&T Association on why D&T is important. 

Below is a longer video by the  D&T Association narrated by Dick Powell (Founder of Seymourpowell). It is aimed at students parents and employers and shows the importance of the subject in a balanced curriculum, how it has developed from craft-based roots into a modern, creative and rigorous subject, and why, with the current skills shortages in the creative, manufacturing and engineering industries, it is a valuable subject for young people to study. It is ideal for use with both students and parents at GCSE option time.

D&T Design or Decline

This is a 5 minute D&T Association campaign video aimed at policy makers as part of the ‘Designed and Made in Britain…?’ campaign. It describes the challenges facing the subject and what the D&T Association says needs to be done to address them.

Creative Journeys

Three minute video by the Arts Council on the importance of the creative industries (including specific references to Design and Technology). The Creative Journeys website also has case study videos on individual roles in design related industries. 



The AllCreative website showcases a range of careers in the creative industries and their importance to the UK economy. It includes a lot of short video clips of a wide range professionals within the design industry from fashion, architecture to graphic design. (via Louise Burnett on the Design and Technology Teachers Forum).

This is Engineering 

Careers in engineering that breaks down the stereotypes showing the wide range of potential for careers in different areas of engineering e.g. robotics, sports equipment, fashion, space. 

Science: Not Just for Scientists - 100 Ideas 

This video shows poet James Massiah talking about science in everyday life. It was created as part of The British Science Association campaign called ‘Science: Not just for scientists – 100 ideas’ which aimed to generate 100 ideas to raise the profile of science so that everyone gets a greater sense that science belongs to all of us impacting on our everyday lives rather than just being something that happens in a lab. Both the concept of science in real life, as well as the wording of the poem is very relevant to the aims of new D&T GCSE (the poem includes references to innovation, products, technology development and fashion, as well as being filmed in many environments linked to D&T). The poem could be an unusual starting point for getting students (and others) to think about science and STEM in D&T.

Made Here Now

Great short video from Made Here Now on the prominence of different types of careers in manufacturing in the UK. The Made Here Now website is also being developed to support a wide range of careers in manufacturing and is worth a look.

Design is Everything

A broader definition of what design is and why it is important.


The Beauty of Design

Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman talking about creativity and how different discipline in design can collaborate and inspire each other whilst still retaining the individuality of each specialism. Great for reflecting the nature of the D&T GCSE.

Textiles is a super power!

This is a tongue in cheek video featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson showing that there’s more to being a superhero than you might think. Scorpio, The Rock's superhero character designs and makes his own outfits, impressing all those around him with his attention to detail. There’s also a great quote from the video which is ‘being a superhero is a skill but designing is a talent’. 

(Via Emma Cooper on the GCSE D&T New Spec Textiles Facebook group)

The future of fashion & textiles

This video is a long one so might be useful if you are looking for something longer to play at an event. It is a high tech look at what fashion in the future will look like e.g. bioengineering. Click here to see other videos on the future of fashion. 

Life without textiles

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