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How do youpromote the value of D&T?

D&T gives us the best of both worlds as it embraces both STEM and academic learning, as well as embracinglearning within the arts. When promoting D&T it’s important to focus on both of these elements to demonstrate what an important subject D&T is and the broad impact it has.

Celebrate the academic side of D&T

D&T makes a massive contribution to STEM, with learning touching on science, technology, engineering or maths in some way in most lessons. The academic value of STEM subjects and their importance is undisputed and we should embrace these elements and how they add perceived value to D&T. This content is also nowexplicitlybuilt into the curriculum andboth maths andscience in particular are tested as part of the GCSE and A level exams. We need to promote our STEM links to parents, students, SLT and other teachers (especially other STEM subjects) as well as the wider community generally to help them understand the breadth of learning in D&T and why it’s important.

What can you do to raise the profile of D&T through STEM to demonstrate that D&T brings science and maths alive?

What will you display at open evening to show that maths and science are interesting and accessible when taught in D&T?

How can you work with maths and science to develop links?

D&T Association resources

The D&T Association have a range of useful resources on the value of D&T, including some that are suitable foropenevenings, options talks and displays generally

Celebrate the cultural and arts side of D&T

D&T is a part of the arts and there's significant evidence about the importance of a balanced curriculum that includes access tolearning through the arts. TheImagineNation: The Value of Cultural Learningreport provides strong evidence for this with the key findings listed below.

How can you use the report's findings to raise the profile of D&T and to demonstrate the impact and value of the arts side of D&T?

What will you display at open evening to showcase the arts in D&T and how this interests and engages students?

How can you work with other arts subjects to develop links?

Cultural Learning Alliance key findings

Download the above information as a poster from the Cultural Learning Alliance (towards the bottom of the page)

Use evidence based research to show the importance of D&T


The Design Economy report (2018)focuses on the state of design in the UK, its value and importance to the UK economy, along with recommendations for the future (with ‘design’ defined as ‘the creation of a proposition in a medium, using tools as part of a process’ which is further exemplified as buildings, a dress, a kettle, software code, a transport system or a policy, all of which could be in a physical, digital or temporal form, created by either individuals or groups). The report has some great quotes that are ideal for displays and open evenings, particularly as there are statistics and information to back statements up. Page 38 also mentions the importance of D&T and one of the report’s recommendations is that D&T becomes a core Ebacc subject. It’s a long document and although there’s a summary on the Design Council website the full document is worth a look as much of it is broken into easy to read sections and there are some good quotes that aren’t in the summary.


The Designing a Future Economy report by the Design Council in 2017 which investigated the skills used in design and the link between these skills and productivity and innovation, along with how they link to future demand for skills in the UK economy in the future. The information in the report might be useful when justifying design on the curriculum, particularly in relation to how design develops skills industry needs generally, rather than just the skills needed in design related roles. The headline findings from the report are listed below:


View the Designing a Future Economy report

The Alliance Report in 2015 examined the textiles industry in the UK, particularly in relation to the trend for repatriation of manufacturing, the opportunities for growth, and the barriers that might prevent the sector from maximising it’s potential. The findings of the report indicate a growing industry with a significant increase in job opportunities by 2020. This report might be useful for educating others about the modern textiles industry. For more on the Alliance Report visit this page in the D&T textiles section of the website (towards the middle of the page). This includes a resource download by Julie Boyd that may be suitable for use at open evenings and for displays.

Creative Industries Council

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UK creative industries and their importance to our country - includes reports with statistics and information.

UCAS page on D&Twhich lists potential careers as well as skills and qualities developed by studying D&T.

BBC article on the concerns of Imperial College that the young people have less dexterity skills required to become surgeons because of the reduction in creativesubjects on the curriculum. Specific references are made to D&T and to sewing skills inparticular.

Textiles resources - many of theresources above include textiles references but there are also more textiles specific resources, including some on careers in the textiles industry, in this separate section on the website.

option evening

Visit the‘Useful Videos: What is D&T’page for videos to support these points along with a free leaflet download from the D&TAssociation.

You mightalso find theCareers in D&Tsection useful

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