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Careers resource

The free download resource above has lots of information on careers in fashion and textiles. Below is some additional information and links on careers in the industry:

Article on how careers in the fashion industry are evolving including careers in 3D printing, fabric research & development, consumer psychologist, data scientist, sustainability expert, and personal stylist.  

The increase of women in careers related to wearables 

Let’s Make It Here is a database of designers and companies who are UK based and can provide services related to fashion and textiles from pattern cutting, printing, to manufacturing across a range of products. It is an industry website but the database might help identify industries local to schools and the Fashion Toolkit might be of particular interest to students and teachers, especially at A level. 

Article with tips on getting into the best fashion schools – including portfolios, interviews and application forms that show the following: use of new media, digital artistry, global cultural references, hard work, passion for design, evidence of academic rigour, evidence of experimentation, making and learning from mistakes, being able to talk about their work and inspirations, technical skills, personal skills such as motivation and curiosity, and of course creativity. 

Think textiles is just for girls? This article flags up the fact that only 40% of womenswear fashion brands having women designers in the top roles, including in London where in 2016 the figure was just 40.5%. We need to empower more girls to aim for the top jobs, but on the flip side these figures do show boys that the fashion industry has a lot to offer them. 

These 5 tips on building an effective creative portfolio are aimed at fashion and textiles degree students but are just as useful to share with A level students, as well as possibly being relevant to non textiles portfolios. Number 3 is interesting where students are encouraged to develop non traditional skills, to challenge what fashion is and to consider careers beyond being a fashion designer.

Interesting quote from an article from the Business of Fashion website showing how the role of a fashion designer is evolving influenced by advancing technologies and even the influence of social media. This might be something for students to bear in mind if they are considering a career in this area. Some of the jobs advertised are also worth a look to help students get an idea of job descriptions and expectations. “Today, a fashion designer’s role must incorporate that of a technician, as well as a merchandiser, digital innovator, fashion disruptor and celebrity. Crucially, a designer is now also the leader of a growing and increasingly diverse team of product specialists. From womenswear to menswear, through homeware, jewellery, sportswear, streetwear and footwear.”


Ben Francis talking about setting up his business Gymshark as a teenager which started off with him screen printing and sewing custom made fitness gear and which is now a major fitness apparel and accessories brand. 

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