D&T Curriculum

The D&T curriculum is currently facing lots of change at all key stages. There are also a lot of changes generally within education that have the potential to impact on D&T. 

This page outlines some of the key documents and websites that might be useful during the current curriculum change. It aims to try to put everything together to make it easier for teachers to find. 

GCSE & A Level

Free download of ‘D&T for the Next Generation’ on David Bartlex and Torben Steeg’s website. This book was originally published in 2007 but there is still has some very relevant content in it and it is definitely worth a look. 

AQA Tech Awards draft specifications

Stay up to date with the exam board specification submissions & find out what draft specs have been submitted and accepted

Diana Choulerton’s presentation at the D&T Association’s Summer School 2017 

The Ebacc debate - you can watch the debate, although as it is just under three hours long so you might find it easier to skim read the transcript 

Find out my thoughts on the draft GCSE specificationsThe draft GCSE specs were submitted to Ofqual on May 19th and they have to respond after 40 days. You can keep up to date on what is happening by visiting the Ofqual page on the DfE site.

Find out more about my thoughts on how the curriculum changes impact on textiles 

Courses that are running on the new D&T curriculum

http://bit.ly/1StyYfh - Diana Choulerton, lead Ofsted inspector for D&T, asks some important questions to help us review our departments 

Diana Choulteron talking about textiles and food in D&T

A level subject content from the DfE: Subject content for A level D&T from 2017 & Assessment arrangements for A level D&T from 2017 (Note this is a general document that the exam boards use to write their specifications. To see more about the draft specifications written using this subject content visit the website for each exam board.

Subject content for the new GCSE from 2017 https://goo.gl/cwIxzZ (Note this is a general document that the exam boards use to write their specifications. It will only be when the specifications are released when we will know the exact detail of what will be taught and how it will be assessed. These are due for release as draft documents in late May). Click here to see more about the draft specifications written using this subject content. 

Press release from DFE on the new GCSE subject content https://goo.gl/ZtgvOs 

Information on how the new subject content will be assessed https://goo.gl/CWmllG

(https://goo.gl/e93fMF - this is the GCSE subject content & assessment details set out all in one document)

D&T Association page with comments on the new GCSE subject content https://goo.gl/zZdJgG

Summary of the GCSE consultation that led to the subject content documents https://goo.gl/YZKsJV  

Subject content and assessment objectives for GCSE in food preparation and nutrition for teaching from 2016 http://goo.gl/F00KhH

Implementation of the new GCSE for D&T delayed until 2017 (for examination in 2019). Note that the new Food GCSE will go ahead as planned with the first teaching in 2016 (visit http://goo.gl/vdFdfS for more details)To keep up to date with information on the new GCSE Food qualification  join the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group run by Louise Davies, or attend one of the events run by Louise (visit http://foodteacherscentre.co.uk for more details).

The New KS1-3 Curriculum  (England)

Click on the highlighted links below for more details

Assessment without levels resources: Report 2015 https://goo.gl/cb51XN & 2 short videos with some of the reports key features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7whb8dOk5Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wifv5uy2YUo 

DfE website for the new curriculum 2014

General guidance from the DfE on the new curriculum

The full National Curriculum document

D&T programme of study KS1-3

Video featuring Tim Oates on why levels have been dropped

Video featuring Andy Mitchell introducing the new D&T curriculum

National Association of Headteachers document on assessment (this is long but it will give you an overview of what the NAHT is recommending to head teachers)

What Ofsted says they are looking for now that levels no longer exist

Hiltingbury Junior Schools Learning Ladders - although this system has been developed for primary assessment there are many elements of the system that secondary teachers might find useful as a starting point for reflection.

Blog by @headguruteacher on assessment

Resources to support the Cooking & Nutrition attainment target 

D&T Association Documents to Support the New Curriculum KS1-3

Click on the highlighted links below for more details

Annotated Programme of Study.pdf  (guidance on how the programme of study might be interpreted in your school)

National Curriculum 2014 - Primary myths and facts.pdf (common questions asked about the new primary curriculum)

National Curriculum 2014 - Secondary myths and facts.pdf  (common questions asked about the new secondary curriculum)

Progression Framework KS1 KS2.pdf  (a suggested progression framework for KS1&2)

Progression Framework KS1-3.pdf (a suggested progression framework for KS1-3)

Design and Technology Progression Framework Guidance.pdf (guidance on how the above progression frameworks might be used)

School Curriculum Principles for D&T.pdf  (a set of 6 principles that outline best practice in D&T across all key stages)

Formative Assessment Initial Guidance.pdf (guidance on the use of formative assessment)

Designed & Made in Britain campaign

(campaign to raise awareness of issues facing D&T in schools)

https://goo.gl/UGyjIV - more about the campaign

http://svy.mk/1L1kKfJ - petition to raise issues about current issues in D&T

http://bit.ly/1jdqNae  - video about the campaign

http://on.fb.me/1PkDrQM - Facebook group to keep up to date with news about the campaign

D&TA Association videos on ‘What is D&T?’ bit.ly/1O8hq6k

Progress 8

Progress 8 http://goo.gl/KrSOgF  Full document

Progress 8 http://goo.gl/u0dBVP summary

Progress 8 https://goo.gl/fc4zGl

http://bit.ly/1StyYfh Really useful video that gives a good explanation of Progress 8 (via Kirsty Flynn on (JambleD&T group) 

Where D&T fits into Progress 8 http://goo.gl/gzr7Wp

A user friendly description of Progress 8 http://bit.ly/1KDfDUu


Common Inspection Framework Sept 2015 - see a summary of all the new documents at https://goo.gl/iwuraB

Read the transcript of the speech made by Michael Wilshaw to launch the common inspection framework https://goo.gl/A5aWD9 

See a summary by the TES of the 7 questions schools will ask under the new framework http://bit.ly/1SoAsH9

Note that as part of the new framework Ofsted will be inspecting the healthy eating and food culture of a school and the extent to which schools support pupils to gain ‘knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, including exercise and healthy eating’. Download a review sheet from The Food Teachers Centre to help you assess whether your school meets the new criteria http://goo.gl/hCNrO2

Facebook Closed Groups 

Click on the highlighted links below for more details

There are a number of closed Facebook groups that regularly share resources to do with the new curriculum as well as other areas. You have to request to be a member and you can see the main feed but no one can see yours so your own information stays private (unless you ‘friend’ someone in the group). There are a number of groups but the ones below are a good starting point:


Design & Technology Teachers

Product Design Surgery

Textile Teachers Centre

Textiles Surgery

Food Teachers Centre - this group is overseen by Louise Davies (note that after you have sent a request to join you will need to check your ‘others’ inbox on Facebook for an email which you have to reply to in order to join this group)

Sarah Middleton - Food Technology Teachers Network

Other useful D&T related documents

Keynote presentation by Diana Choulerton, Lead Ofsted inspector for D&T, at D&TA Summer School 2015 http://goo.gl/2kkqoR (video) & http://goo.gl/eky5xh (PowerPoint). 

Keynote presentation by D&TA (Richard Green & Andy Mitchell) from D&TA Summer School 2015 (includes information on new KS4 curriculum) http://goo.gl/YpMauQ

A government report released 30/6/15 by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport saying that employment within the creative sector within the UK is increasing at more than twice the rate of the rest of the economy. It also says that 1.8 million people are working in this area which is a 15% rise since 2011. A wide range of creative industries are mentioned with ‘design' (which the report identifies as referring to ‘product, graphic & fashion’) leading the other creative industries with a 28.4% increase since 2011. Visit https://goo.gl/iHqV5n for the full Creative Industries report. 

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