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The projects and activities page pulls together some key activity ideas but most projects are spread out across the website. This is because project ideas have been linked to a learning focus rather than them just being random ‘making' projects. There are also too many of them to list them in one place. 

We prefer to provide starting points for inspiration rather than projects and schemes of learning because:

  • We feel that for schemes of learning and projects to be effective they should be planned with a specific school and group of learners in mind. 
  • Schemes of learning and projects should always be about the learning and not just about ‘making stuff’. As every teacher, school and group of learners will have different learning needs this is hard to cater for on a website like this. 
  • By providing schemes of learning and projects we are encouraging teachers to all do something similar, and for all students to have identical outcomes. We prefer to encourage a more iterative approach with ideas acting as a springboard. We are also keen for D&T to be seen as being about more than just ‘making stuff’.
  • Even a good scheme of learning or project can be misinterpreted or loose its focus when used by someone who didn’t create it. 

Tips on Finding Projects & Activities on the Website

  • We have included a Projects and Activities page that pulls together some key activities
  • Identify the learning you want to cover and look in that section in Let’s Learn to see what activities are suggested. 
  • Where #ThinkDoMAKE is used on a page this tends to indicate a more detailed set of instructions for a bigger making activity. 
  • There’s no search facility on the website but you might find it useful to put keywords into a search engine along with the website address,, and this might identify useful pages. 

Got limited funding for projects? Look at these ideas for funding. 

Return to the Schemes of Learning & Projects page to see all resources

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