JCQ Regulations: Candidates Marks & Social Media Use


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Informing candidates of their marks

From November 2017 students can request a review of any centre assessedassessments, such as their non exam assessment work (NEA). This is a legal requirement by theJoint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). They must be given the opportunity to request thisbefore marks are sent off to the examboard so this process will need to be built into the overall controlled assessment timing in order to allow time for students and parents to beinformed, for any marks to be challenged and for appropriate reviews to take place. Generally, the school will have a policy for how these procedures are carried out.

The following links are useful for getting more information on this requirement:

JCQwebsite page with information on all aspects of non exam assessment including the review of marking process. This also includes a template schools can use to inform students of the process.

JCQ’s letter to schools outlining the requirements

Information on the OCR website which is alsorelevant toother exam boards andwhich gives a good outline of what schools have to do.

Sharing NEAwork on social media

There are somestrict JCQ rules on teachers andstudents sharing NEA work on social media.Teachers and students are not allowed to share live NEA work of any type on social media. There are also restrictions on what can be shared from students in previous years. Schools should have a policy on this, both in terms ofmaking students aware of these restrictions, as well as having procedures in place if this is an issue.

See the rules on the use of social media

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