D&T GCSE Subject Content 2015 (England)

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For a range of resources that outline how we approach curriculum planning from KS3 - 5 visit the Documents to Support Curriculum Mapping page. Below are additional resources that give more information on the DfE Subject Content for D&T GCSE. 

D&T GCSE Subject Content 2015 (England)

GCSE subject content

The DfE Subject Content (2015) is the document all exam boards have to use when writing their GCSE qualifications (England). This document lists the content all exam boards have to cover but it's up to each exam board how they interpret this content so, although there will be lots of similarities across all exam boards, there will be key differences in their approach. This is a positive thing as it gives schools a choice of approach that suits them.  

Download the original Subject Content document here

The Subject Content document is a good starting point when reviewing your curriculum as it is less detailed that the exam board specifications which makes it easier to use. We have used this document to create a 'KeyWords and Headlines’ document, as well as a set of curriculum cards, both of which can be used to review and map the GCSE curriculum. Visit the Documents to Support Curriculum Mapping page to see these documents along with others for KS3 and A level that will help you map a holistic curriculum. 

Some of the historical background information on the GCSE Subject Content

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Press release from DFE on the new GCSE subject content 

D&T Association response to the release of the Subject Content

Summary of the GCSE consultation that led to the subject content documents  

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