Preparing for University

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Writing a personal statement

This video has tips for writing a personal statement for university applications. Some of the content might also be useful for students writing job applications. 

Degree level work ethic

If students are aiming to study for a design degree getting them to think about the independent learning skills and work ethic they will need is important. 

This is the work of just one degree student on the Textile Design degree at Nottingham Trent University – and that’s just the stuff she didn’t display in the degree show itself. This is obviously a year’s work (and possibly more if she has been researching her final piece for  longer) and students in school don’t produce anywhere near as much work as this, but it helps students understand the work ethic required to be successful at the next level, as well as helping them to understand that part of the aim of GCSEs and A levels is to give them time to start to get into good independent learning habits. Even if students aren’t intending to follow a design course they will still have to produce a significant amount of work, or do significant study for exams, and developing the relevant study skills beforehand is important. 

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