KS3 National Curriculum for D&T (2014) 


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For a range of resources that outline how we approach curriculum planning from KS3 - 5 visit the Documents to Support Curriculum Mapping page which has resources that will help you map a holistic curriculum. 

Below are additional resources that might support curriculum planning for KS3.

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The KS1-3 Curriculum 2014 (England): The Original Documents

See the all of the KS1-3 National Curriculum 2014 documents on the DfE website

Direct link to the D&T KS1-3 D&T National Curriculum Programme of Study

General guidance from the DfE on the new curriculum

Andy Mitchell, Curriculum Director and Assistant Chief Executive of the Design and Technology Association discusses the KS3 2014 programme of study.

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D&T Association Documents to Support the Curriculum KS1-3

The documents below can be viewed by clicking on each of the links or they can be viewed together on this page on the D&T Association website. These documents will provide the additional detail required to create an effective KS3 curriculum. Some D&T Association resources are free & some are free only to members.

Annotated Programme of Study  (guidance on how the programme of study might be interpreted in your school - this is the D&T Association’s more detailed interpretation of what represents best practice in the content outlined in the DfE KS3 curriculum document)

Progression Framework KS1 KS2 (a suggested progression framework for KS1& 2 which might be useful when curriculum planning. This might also be useful for creating baseline tests for KS3)

Progression Framework KS1-3 (a suggested progression framework for KS1-3 which might be useful when curriculum planning)

Design and Technology Progression Framework Guidance (guidance on how the above progression frameworks might be used)

The 6 Principles for D&T - 6 characteristics of a genuine D&T experience. This is a useful document when curriculum planning and when evaluating provision as it helps ensure an authentic D&T experience.

National Curriculum 2014 - Primary myths and facts common questions asked about the new primary curriculum)

National Curriculum 2014 - Secondary myths and facts (common questions asked about the secondary curriculum)

D&T Association KS3 Key Resources Pack 

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Assessment Without Levels

A key part of the National Curriculum 2014 is the removal of levels. The resources below explain the change and suggest sources of support. 

Tim Oates on why levels have been dropped

Assessment without levels Report 2015: advice for schools. The 2 videos below also summarise some of reports key features.

National Association of Headteachers document on assessment (this is long but it will give you an overview of what the NAHT is recommending to head teachers)

What Ofsted says they are looking for now that levels no longer exist

Hiltingbury Junior Schools Learning Ladders - although this system has been developed for primary assessment there are many elements of the system that secondary teachers might find useful as a starting point for reflection.

Blog by @headguruteacher on assessment

Formative Assessment - guidance from the D&T Association

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