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Product in a Tin Competition 2020/2021 Winners

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2020/2021 Competition Winner: Hannah

Congratulations to Hannah from Wirral Grammar School for Girls (teacher Miss Holden) who is the winner of the 2020/2021 Product in a Tin competition. Hannah was a year 9 student when she designed and made her hair accessory stand.

Scrunchie holder

Hannah’s entry impressed the judges because of its detailed and well thought out design which included a clever extending section. The product also consisted of a number of different elements, including the stand, scrunchies and decorated hair grips. Hannah made most of the product herself using only a very limited number of ready made components and she also used a wide range of materials, including some that were recycled. Hannah also included detailed notes about her product, outlining her decision making and the design process. A very impressive entry, especially as the product was designed and made at home during lockdown. 

L P1010068

The base of the holder is made from a polymer mesh structure covered in modroc all of which is wrapped around a central polymer tube. The surface has then been decorated with decoupage book paper. The base has a clever design with a tube that pulls out of the centre to extend the stand so it can hold more scrunchies. 

Hair accessory 2

Hannah also attached a magnet around the tube so that metal accessories could easily be stored and to reinforce the join between the two sections of tube so the magnet would stop the extended tube from falling back into the bottom. Although the magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold accessories Hannah’s evaluation in the notes she provided with her entry outlined the problems she faced and this reflected her understanding of the iterative design process.  

In addition to the stand Hannah also made the scrunchies, and even tie dyed the fabric herself using natural dyes made from cherries, blackcurrants, turmeric and paprika. The hair grips were also decorated with flowers made from wire and beads and are stored in the top of the tube.

Hair grips 2

Hannah has won £50 worth of gift vouchers for herself, along with a bundle of design resources. She also won her own dedicated portfolio page on our website which she can use to showcase her design work in the future. 

As well as prizes for herself Hannah also won resources for her school including a class set of Crumble microcontrollers complete with half a day’s training for her teachers, and a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.

L DSCF3663 2


HUGE thank you to Coles Sewing Centre, Nottingham & Husqvarna Viking, as well Mindsets who sponsored the prizes Hannah has won for her school. 

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Runner Up: 2nd Place

Lucieyear 6 (teacher Mrs Bell, Selwood Academy, Frome)

arm jewellery

Lucie designed a piece of jewellery made from pieces of twisted metal wire that trap gemstones and other decorations into the design. The piece of jewellery wraps around the fingers as well as extending up the arm and was inspired by vines spiralling around trees. The design impressed the judges because it was very different from other jewellery designs that have been entered for any of our competitions. 


Lucie wins a £20 gift vouchers and some design resources. 

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Runner Up: Joint 3rd Place

Weronikayear 7 (teacher Mrs Adams, St Augustine’s School, Scarborough)

Weronika designed a stationary holder inspired by origami and made from folded paper and wood. 

Pencil holder

Thomasyear 7 (Huddersfield Grammar School)

Thomas designed a salad farm in a tin. The tin contains seeds and compost that can be planted in the tin with plant markers made from wood with removable 3D printed heads. 

Flowerpot farm

Both 3rd place runners up win a £10 gift vouchers and some design resources. 

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#InspiredBy Awards

There were lots of fantastic entries many of whom came close to being in the top three. The #InspiredBy award category acknowledges entries that really stood out to the judges in some way and which they felt were particularly interesting entries. These entries, along with the winners, will be showcased with teachers over the coming months to help inspire creative projects and ideas. Each of these entries wins a small design related prize to acknowledge the hard work and creativity of the students. 

The entries below are listed in no particular order. 

ant keyring

Orion, year 10, Cantonian High School, Cardiff (Mrs Pearce), Laser cut keyring (polymer, metal, textiles)

pompom unicorn

Amelia, year 6, Selwood Academy, Frome (Ms Bell), Pompom unicorn (textiles, metal, polymer, paper)

Essential oils grotto

Raya, year 7, Selwood Academy, Frome (Ms Bell), wellbeing essential oils crystal cave (polymer, metal, textiles, paper & board, glass crystals, electronics)

Beaded. hairband

Isabella, year 7, Denstone College, Uttoxeter (Ms Plewes), hairband with removable beaded brooch (polymer, metal, textiles, paper & board)

rabbit in a hat

Poppy, year 7, Treviglas Academy, Newquay (Ms Owen), rabbit in a hat pop up toy (polymer, wood, textiles, paper & board)

Twiddle blanket P1010063

Keira, year 9, Northampton School for Girls (Mrs Sannerude), Patchwork twiddle blanket

Knitted twiddle blanket

Amy, year 7, St Michael’s Middle School (Mr Horrell), Knitted twiddle blanket

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Merit Awards

Merit awards are issued to entries that the judges thought were interesting and which might be used as part of the competition display which is showcased at different teacher courses (only where space permits). These entries win a very small design related prize.  Entries are listed in no particular order.

merit 1
Merit 2

Clock (metal, paper & board), Lewis yr7, Treviglas School, Newquay (Ms Owen)

Turtle keyring (metal, textiles), Bekah yr9, Treviglas School, Newquay (Ms Owen)

Heart keyrings (wood, paper & board, metal), Jessica  yr 8, St. Monica’s RC High School, Manchester (Mrs Gates)

Pet in a tin (wood, polymer, textiles), Imogen yr8, Treviglas Academy, Newquay (Ms Owen)

Flower charm (polymer, textiles, metal), Madison yr9, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood (Miss Georgiou)

Happy Plant (paper & board, metal, polymer, textiles), Grace yr7, The Minster School, Nottingham (Mr Mellor)

Star bunting (textiles, paper & board), Ottilie & Emily yr8, George Watson’s College, Edinburgh (Ms Bonar)

Build your own burger (textiles, paper & board), Emily yr7, Scalby School, Scarborough, (Ms Biggs)

Nature painting set (wood, paper & board, textiles, polymer), Maisie yr7, Selwood Academy(Ms Bell)

Pet care bag (wood, textiles), Anna yr7, Sandymore Ormiston Academy, Cheshire (Miss Bond)

Travel toy (paper & board, textiles), Noah yr8, Treviglas Academy, Newquay (Ms Owen)

Pet keyring (metal, textiles), Amelie yr8, Pershore High School, Manchester (Mr Bishop & Mrs Poulton)

Sequin bag (polymer, textiles), Lucy yr 8, George Watson’s College, Edinburgh (Mrs Bonar)

Assistance bag (polymer, paper & board, textiles), Jessica yr 7, Treviglas Academy, Newquay (Ms Owen)

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Photo entries

Not everyone wants to part with the product they have made so photo entries are accepted and although they can’t win any of the prizes they are considered for showcasing on the website. The two photo entries below particularly stood out this year. 

Needle felt mice

Needle felted toy (polymer clay, wood, metal, textiles), Elke yr 9, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood (Miss Georgiou)

essentials roll

Pouch for storing hand sanitiser & other covid essentials (polymer, textiles), Lily yr 8, Pershore High School (Mr Harding)

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What will happen to the entries?

It’s a genuine privilege to receive the competition entries and we get really excited to open each package. Unfortunately entries can’t be returned but entries play an important part in the work we do; we showcase the work in displays on our courses and the entries are used to inspire projects and resources (with credit given to the student and school). We still regularly use entries from some of the early competitions in the work we do so students who enter can be reassured their hard work is never wasted.

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