18th March 2021

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This week’s free resource downloads

This week’s updated page on the website is the ‘introduction to modern materials’. The four free resource downloads can also be used with the ones on smart materials released last week. Both of these pages also now have links to additional resources on smart and modern materials that we wrote for the National STEM Learning Centre. Click on the links above to see the updated pages. 

Modern materials

Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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  • World Water Day is Monday 22nd March and links on our Facebook page might be useful for prompting design thinking around how we use and value water in this country, and how that compares to the experience of others around the world, along with how D&T can contribute to some of the solutions to this problem.
  • Material testing even takes place on Mars! Great Q&A article with Amy Ross, an advanced spacesuit designer from NASA talking about how materials currently used in spacesuits are being tested on Mars as part of the Perseverance mission to see how they stand up to the environment, including dust, solar radiation and cosmic rays. 
  • Accessibility bathroom accessories by Shiro Studio that are a great example of inclusive design, showing that functional aids don’t have to be ugly. 
  • With single use polymer face masks creating a significant environmental impact a graphic designer from the Netherlands has designed a 100% biodegradable mask with flower seeds that attract bees embedded into rice paper along with cords made from wool or rafia. 

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Product in a Tin Competition

Why not use our Product in a Tin competition as a home learning activty? The prizes are fabulous for both the winning student and their school.  Get more information and resources to get you started. 

Online and Distance Learning CPD Currently Being Planned

We're currently adapting some of our face to face courses so they can be delivered online or as independent distance learning modules. These will be released as they become available over the spring and summer term but if you would like to be notified directly when these become available let us know. These include:

  • Curriculum planning and auditing
  • Support for textiles specialists to deliver the core content learning on broader materials
  • Practical approaches to KS3 and the D&T GCSE core content
  • Electronics

Face to Face CPD Coming Up Soon

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