14th October 2021

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This Week’s Website Update and Free Resource Downloads

This week more TechDoodle resources on properties of materials have been added to the ‘Everyday Products that Mix Materials’ page on the website. These are three new resources that have not been shared before.

TechDoodle material properties

Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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  • #BlackHistoryMonth
    • Transport for London & the Black Cultural Archives have teamed up to release a Black history version of its iconic tube map with 272 Black creators, leaders and trailblazers. The map can be downloaded as a PDF from the website which also includes more information about each person listed on the map.
    • Lubaina Himid’s Dutch wax fabric installation at Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire is part of the British Textile Biennial throughout October. Her work celebrates the contribution black people have made to life in Europe and the 400 metres of African cloth represent the movement of oceans and rivers that transported cotton across the world, along with the links African cloth has to the flow of labour, trade and money.
  • Great video on why recyling plastic bottles into clothes isn't the long term answer to the plastics problem and why more sustainable long term solutions are needed.
  • Free image resources from the Smithsonian Institution
  • The book 'Tools for Food' by Corinne Mynatt looks interesting - it explores the design history of everyday kitchen utensils and this link takes you to an article which has a few snippets on some of the products covered in the book
  • U-turn by the DfE on initial teacher training bursaries, including one for D&T. 
  • Andrew Kenny, winner of this year’s ‘Changemaker’ prize sponsored by Swarovski, talking about his work at The London Embroidery Studio producing bespoke hand and machine embroidery. 
  • The ‘Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge’ is a sustainability competition where students solve a design problem based on one of four themes: travel & transport, food systems, our homes & habits, our lifestyles & what we consume. The competition is for 9 - 14 year olds and the closing date is 1st February 2022. 

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Our Product in a Tin Competition is Taking a Break 

Our Product in a Tin competition will not be running for the foreseeable future. It’s been been a big success but takes a lot of organising, something that has become more of challenge due to impact of the pandemic. The competition is therefore taking a break to allow us to focus on our other work. The resources will remain on the website for schools to use as a module of work or as a competition within their own school.

See the 2020/2021 winners of our Product in a Tin Competition

Look at the face to face, blended learning and distance learning options we offer. 

Blended Learning CPD

Our blended learning courses are equivalent to a one day training course with 2 hours live online training plus at least 4 hours of self directed study activities. This type of course is ideal if you find it hard to get released from school or if you are looking for resources to provide you with a programme of activities as part of a personal directed time CPD programme. Click on each course to find out more. 

Resources included with the Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum course include :

  • Curriculum audit tools for KS3 & D&T GCSE, as well as audit tools to evaluate prior learning at KS2 and to reflect on progression onto A level. 
  • Material samples & resources to carry out interactive activities in the live online session 
  • Detailed guidance on carrying out follow up activities as part of a self directed learning programme (these activities may also be suitable to support department activities)

Live Face to Face CPD

We're currently only able to offer a limited number of face to face courses although we hope to be able to increase the number of these in the spring and summer term next year. Click on the course to find out more.

Sewing machine servicing

Although we currently only offer a limited number of face to face courses on our course calendar, i
f you're looking for face to face training and can get together at least 6 participants, e.g. your department or a local group of teachers, along with providing a suitable room, we can run the following one day face to face courses for your group:

For more details on how we can run the above courses at your school see the link to the information sheet on each of the course pages. 

Distance Learning CPD Courses

Our distance learning CPD courses can be worked through at your own pace without the need for time out of school and without travel and accommodation costs. 

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