Wall Art

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This wall art installation is made up of 6 individual pictures that are linked by common themes of colour and texture. Each frame is 30cm square so when hung this makes a large piece of wall art.


The more textured pieces of work are made by machine embroidering knitting yarns onto a fabric backing. The fabric is then embellished with beads. The flatter piece of work are made from pre printed fabrics that have been hand quilted and decorated with beads. All fabrics have then been attached to canvas picture frames. I produce a number of wall art pieces of varying sizes. Some are designed as groups, whilst others are individual pieces. 

IMG 0182
IMG 0177
IMG 0178
IMG 0180
IMG 0179
IMG 0181

I often package my wall art work as a ‘gift set’ tied up with fabric. This makes them easier to display and creates a nicely product especially if the wall art is to be given as a gift.

IMG 0517
IMG 0518

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