Bed covers

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Sometimes I go a little mad and decide to do a piece of work on a larger scale as these bed covers show. 


This cover is for a king size bed and is made from a duvet cover cut open with plain panels sewn along the sides. The stripe decoration has been machine quilted and button decoration has been added to the side to add extra interest. The quilt uses a light batting fabric and has a lining. 

IMG 6012

This topper shown on this bed was made from fabrics from a fabric sample book. This meant all of the fabrics coordinated but were of a different colour. The surface of the fabric already has a pattern in the weave and this was further enhanced with a machine embroidery design. The squares were then sewn together and waddling and a lining were added

IMG 5941
IMG 6013

This topper was made from bold coloured polycotton fabric. small squares were hand quilted and then stitched together to make larger squares. A button and ribbon decoration has also been added onto the side. The topper has been backed with a lining. 

IMG 5943
IMG 6014

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