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The next best thing to designing and making myself is to see the things others design and make. This page showcases work you have made. Thank you for sharing your designing and making projects with me. Find out how to get your work featured on my website


Phoebe has entered several of my competitions coming first in the 2015 competition and achieving a ‘merit’ in the 2016 one. 

Phoebe’s 2016 competition entry was a set of stress relievers for students studying their exams. This won a ‘Merit’ award for the unusual idea and for the products use of unusual and challenging materials (clear PVC). The design brief for the competition was for students to create a ‘Product in a Tin’. Students could create any outcome and Phoebe’s was one of the most unusual product choices out of all of the entries. 

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Phoebe’s 2015 entry was a bunting triangle based on earth, air, fire and water which was the theme of the competition. The design brief required all students to produce a bunting triangle and Phoebe’s stood out from early as the outright winner. 

Phoebe’s use of layered buttons was particularly effective, giving her work a very tactile quality that interpreted the theme of the competition in a creative way. Phoebe's use of colour was also effective, and to top it off she also had a clever additional touch by adding a scented filling to her triangle. The quality of the work was also excellent and another key factor in the choice of her as the winner. 

Phoebe won a sewing machine for her school as part of her prize in 2015, as well as prizes for herself. This photos shows Phoebe being presented with her machine along with her teacher Mrs Rawlins. 

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I look forward to more competition entries from Phoebe in the future!

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