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Niamh from St. Clement Danes School in Chorleywood was the winner of the 2018 Product in a Tin competition. 

Niamh was a year 9 student when she designed and made her entry at school with the support of her teacher, Miss Georgiou. Her entry was a pair of ear rings made out of polymers, metal, paper and textiles. Recycled plastics were layered and stitched using a sewing machine and then fused to a thicker layer of laser cut polymer. This was then attached to silver ear ring hooks, along with paper beads made from mazagines and inspired by traditional Ugandan bead making.

The entry was chosen as the winner because it stood out as being different from other entries, both from this year and previous years. As well as the product itself being a little different, the way materials and techniques had been combined also made the entry stand out from the crowd. Her entry was also executed to a very high standard with products that wouldn’t look out of place in a shop. Niamh’s application form also helped the judges understand her design thinking and how she was inspired, particularly her explanations about how she had used recycled materials and how the paper beads were inspired by Ugandan bead work.

Niamh’s entry is an excellent example of the new Design and Technology GCSE which encourages students to combine materials and her entry showed how metal, plastic, textiles and paper could be used together in a creative way that celebrates the traditions and uniqueness of each material, whilst also showing them used in a contemporary way.

Niamh being presented with her prizes. 

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