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The next best thing to designing and making myself is to see the things others design and make. This page showcases work you have made. Thank you for sharing your designing and making projects with me. 

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Jill, from Hampshire

Jill has made a number of e-textiles projects, and even though it is the first time she has used e-textiles components she has made some fabulous products. 

Jill made the Night Owl night light doorstop with eyes that light up in the dark that was featured in the November 2014 edition of Sewing World magazine. 

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Jill also made the Christmas tree decorations as featured on my website as well as her own star design. She even got much more adventurous and did a more challenging circuit using a magnet switch to produce a heart hanging decoration that lights up when the two hearts meet.  

Jill felt the instructions on using the e-textiles components were easy to follow which is reassuring for any other first timers who are a bit wary of using the components. 


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E-texiles components that Jill used

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Find out how to get your work featured on my website

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