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The next best thing to designing and making myself is to see the things others design and make. This page showcases work you have made. Thank you for sharing your designing and making projects with me. Find out how to get your work featured on my website.

Francesca’s Winning Competition Entries

Francesca has entered several of my competitions coming second in 2015, third in 2016 and winning an #InspiredBy award in 2017 and a merit award in 2018. Her entries are consistently of a high quality with unusual and creative designs that stand out as different to other entries. 

Francesca’s 2018 entry was a portable thought tube which holds a pencil and paper for noting down thoughts and worries. Francesca says the aim of the product is for the user to be able to ‘park their thoughts’ to reduce anxiety. The product uses a range of different D&T materials, including a button that is hand made from polymer clay. 

Francesca Reynolds
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Francesca's 2017 entry was a 'map wrap’ with a map that is worn around the arm made out of recycled plastic which makes the map waterproof. She received an #InspiredBy award for this entry. This category is awarded to entries that didn’t quite meet the criteria for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place but which impressed the judges in some way. In particular the judges felt Francesca’s idea was very creative and unusual, with interesting use of recycled materials, as well as being executed to a high standard.

Map wrap 3

Francesca's 2016 competition entry was a Pair of Pears children’s game with fruit made out felt. The design brief for the competition was for students to create a ‘Product in a Tin’. Students could create any outcome and Francesca’s was one of the most creative and well made products out of all of the entries. 

Pairs of pears
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The attention to detail and quality of work for Francesca’s competition entry work was excellent, particularly as each piece was very small (the strawberry is just 3cm square and the kiwi just 5cm). Her pieces of fruit really did look good enough to eat and there was even a set of instructions as well as a trophy for the winner of the game. 

fruit 2

Francesca's 2015 entry was a bunting triangle based on earth, air, fire and water which was the theme of the competition. The design brief required all students to produce a bunting triangle and Francesca's stood out from early on as one of the standout pieces because of it’s creative interpretation of the theme. 

I look forward to more competition entries from Francesca in the future!

A Tote Bag Inspired by a Scottish Holiday

Francesca was given some fabric whilst on holiday in Edinburgh, and thought it would be nice to make a tote bag with it. 

She made the pattern herself and spent quite a while marking out paper and measuring fabric. Once her pattern was complete, and the fabric pieces cut out, she sewed them together to form an outer piece, a lining piece and some handles. Whilst in Edinburgh, Francesca also visited a weaving mill and got some tartan which had been made there. She turned a piece of this into a small pocket for the inside, and attached it to the lining. 

Next she sewed the outer piece, lining piece and handles together and turned them inside out, then top-stitched along the top of the bag, closing the gap. She also chose to sew the lining and the outer piece together in a way which enabled the bag to be flat-bottomed.

seams 2

What a great project and a lovely way to remember a holiday! 

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