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The next best thing to designing and making myself is to see the things others design and make. This page showcases work you have made. Thank you for sharing your designing and making projects with me. Find out how to get your work featured on my website


Ellie, from Wolverhampton Girls High School, was the winner of the 2017 Product in a Tin competition for schools. Ellie won a sewing machine for her school as well as a smaller prize for herself. Find out more about the machine Ellie has won for her school.

Ellie designed and made a twiddle cuff for someone with dementia. She used a range of textiles materials and techniques, including crocheting the main part of the cuff, as well as using different textiles, metals and plastics for the different attachments. 

Ellie was a year 7 student when she designed and made her product at home as well as at school with her teacher, Sancha Wood. The product functions well, is attractive and has a great visual and tactile quality to it. 

Ellie’s product was chosen because of the quality of the idea, as well as because of how well it had been executed. Although there were many strong entries to the competition this year Ellie’s entry stood out as the clear winner even against entries from older students (Ellie was in year 7 when she made the product). The supporting work Ellie sent with her entry also helped the judges understand the design and how it was inspired. 

Ellie Hadlington Prize Giving

Ellie’s prizes were formally presented to her in front of half of her year group although unfortunately her teacher was not able to be at the prize giving. It was really great to meet Ellie and find out more about the inspiration behind her winning entry. Ellie had been on a dementia awareness course with her mum, which had given her the idea for both a real design problem she could solve, as well as the user for her product. The designing element of the competition was started in lesson time and Ellie was so enthusiastic she went straight home and made her design using various materials she already had at home.

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