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The next best thing to designing and making myself is to see the things others design and make. This page showcases work you have made. Thank you for sharing your designing and making projects with me. Find out how to get your work featured on my website

Chael Rogers

Chael Rogers is four years old and will soon be five in September. His mum Cal Rogers says he has an amazing imagination and loves to sit with a craft box, whether this is paper, glue and scissors or fabric and thread, and he often asks to make something. He loves superheroes, with Flash being his favourite, and his most recent project is a fabulous Flash cushion, inspired by his favourite superhero. 

The cushion took him about 2 hours to make and he completed most of the work himself with mum just helping out with a few things, such as threading the needle and some of the cutting. The photos show Chael hard at work making his cushion.

Chael Rogers

Chael loves hand sewing and has tried several hand sewing stitches with his favourite being a straight stitch. As well as a Flash cushion he has also made a Stampylongnose and an Iballisticsquid (Minecraft YouTube characters) using the sewing machine. 

Chael Rogers 2

I love Chael’s work and what particularly impresses me is the accuracy of his stitches and the obvious care with which he has carried out his work. In fact Chael’s stitches are better than some GCSE students I have taught in the past! 

Chael's fabulous work shows that you are never too young to enjoy textiles.

Find out how to get your work featured on my website

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