Weekend Elf

Well, what a year 2020 has been! This time last year who would have thought the year would have been so different to any other and that, certainly for us, all future years will also probably be a little different because of this year. 

For us 2020 has turned so many of our plans on their head. We moved house a few weeks before the first lockdown full of ideas and plans for our new home, along with what we thought was a clear idea of how the year would go, both on the work and personal front. This included lots of trips back to my family in Nottingham, as well as lots of exploring our new home on the Wirral, plus a busy diary full of work. 

Literally overnight everything changed and just like most other people it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve hardly seen my family and friends at all since mid February, and we’ve seen very little of the new area we live in. Most of the plans for our new house went out of the window almost immediately along with our main source of income. Whilst we picked up some bits of work from home, both the amount and type of work were very different to what we were used to. It also looks unlikely that the way we’ve worked in the past will ever return in quite the same way, which takes some getting used to.  

We have, however, learnt new skills along the way and have learnt to see opportunities in amongst the challenges, along with counting our blessings that we haven’t faced some of the challenges we know others have. 

At the moment we take nothing for granted and plan for the short term because there’s too much uncertainty to think any further ahead. I remember when I first started working for myself a colleague who was already self employed said ‘sometimes you look at the diary and panic as there’s not much in it, but then you remind yourself something always turns up’. I’ve returned to that comment many times over the last 10 years of being self employed and no more so than this year. 

Whilst the challenges look set to remain for a while yet, I’m looking forward to eventually being able to see family and friends again and to exploring where we live. We already love it even without seeing the fantastic things we’ve not yet been able to visit so they will just be the icing on the cake. Work looks like it will be different but there are lots of potential positives and benefits to that. The plans for the house will never be what we wanted but we’ve learnt to love the new much smaller plans we’ve made. Funnily enough the different way of living and working we’re likely to have because of the changes Covid has brought actually means the original plans for the house wouldn’t be quite right now anyway.

Seeing the advert in the photo for a ‘weekend elf’ made me smile. This year has been so full of the unexpected that dressing up as an elf and helping Santa for the next few weekends would seem quite normal. 

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