Thank you for reading about my coaching journey

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I have written a regular coaching blog since 2012 and this is something I have enjoyed doing. It has given me opportunities to reflect on my own practice and has often prompted me to do reading and research to investigate new ideas further. I hope it has also supported others who are at different stages of learning about coaching. 

It has, however, become increasingly challenging to maintain the coaching blog amongst other work we do. The situation with Covid has made me reflect on lots of things, including how I work, particularly as Covid has accelerated changes that we were already planning, but which are happening quicker than we anticipated. 

It is through being coached that I’ve identified that the right move at the moment is stop writing a regular coaching blog. In many of the coaching sessions where I have worked with others a regular theme is the challenges of workload and I often use questions around ‘smart’ working. How is time being used? Is time used effectively? Do results justifying the amount of time committed? How can systems be improved in simple ways to reduce workload? When I’ve applied these questions to myself it’s clear that, at least for now, it’s the right time to stop the blog. It also feels rather apt that it’s the start of a new year, signifying new beginnings. Whilst I don’t really do new year resolutions, it does feel like an opportunity for renewal and change.

I won’t be writing a regular coaching blog but my coaching journey continues, and I know that this is a strategy that I will continue to use every day, both in my own work and in my work with others. 

At some point it may be relevant to reinstate the coaching blog, but for now, thank you for reading about my coaching journey and I wish you lots of luck in yours. 

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