Cirlce of Influence

It’s ironic that my last post was on embracing change and that as I write this blog the UK is in the midst of some of the biggest changes ever with the second week of ‘lockdown’ because of the coronavirus. The restrictions on movement, isolation at home, and fear of getting ill understandably increase anxiety, along with giving us a sense of being out of control of the situation. 

In order to maintain a balanced view in this situation it can be useful to use the ‘circle of influence’ technique that is often used in coaching, but which is just as relevant in other situations helping us feel more in control of both a situation and the emotions that go with it. 

In a nutshell the technique helps us identify the things we can control and those we can’t. It encourages us to focus on taking action on the things we can control and focusing less on those we can’t. This way we are empowered to have a degree of control but within a realistic framework. 

If you find the 'circle on influence’ concept useful it may be something that is worth investigating further as a tool in the workplace when things return to normal. The summary document below might be a useful starting point - it’s based on Stephen Covey’s book 'Leadership Coaching - From personal insight to organisational performance' and it originally appeared in one of my blogs back in 2016.

This month's free download to prompt reflection

L IMG 0871

What do you see?

How can the clip be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in your life (good or bad)? 

What does it spark inside you in terms of seeing a new way forward you had not previously considered?

Let me know how you used the image

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